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National Joint Registry 11th Annual Report

Published By Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership

Issued almost 6 years ago



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This dataset shows individual trust- and unit-level activity and outcomes for hip and knee replacement surgery in 2013 for the NHS and private sector. It has been reproduced from the full NJR 11th Annual Report 2014 and covers the specific period January to December 2013. The data published on this page only applies to England. The National Joint Registry of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (NI) publishes data from all territories, where achievable, as part of annual reporting process. The full NJR 11th Annual Report includes 2013 results for Wales and Nortern Ireland and can be found at The data shows information relating to how individual trusts and hospitals in England have performed against a range of key measures including whether they have been identified as an ‘outlier’ for mortality and hip and knee revision rates. Key measures: Hospitals have been awarded a green (≥95%), amber (≥80%) or red (>80%) rating to reflect how well they performed in 2013 based on consent, compliance and linkability. Compliance information is published at trust-level. All other information is published by individual hospital in the NHS and private sector. Outlier analysis: Outlier analysis aims to identify ‘unusual differences’ in data from ‘normal variations’ which may indicate the need for further investigation. For mortality and revision rates, an outlier will be a hospital with an unusually high proportion – more than would normally be expected. Outliers are identified by a 'Y.' The NJR has also listed the following information for each hospital: • Number of consultants • Average ASA grade • Percentage of male patients • Average age at operation • Percentage of 10A rated acetabular hip and femoral hip implants