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HMRC Business Plan Indicator and Quarterly Data Summary

Published By Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs

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Business plan indicators are initial management information to provide an indication of HMRC's performance, and are therefore subject to revision and audit. Final performance figures will be made available when the annual audited accounts and departmental report are published. The quarterly data summary (QDS) is designed to fit on a single page to provide a quarterly snapshot on how each department is spending its budget, the results it has achieved and how it is deploying its workforce. Before using this data people should ensure they take full note of the caveats noted in the measurement annex and treat it with necessary caution. At the moment, people should not be using this QDS data to make direct comparisons between departments for several reasons. Firstly, the business of each department is unique and it does not make sense to compare some measures across all departments. Secondly, many of the measures are not directly comparable because they do not have common definitions, time periods, or data collection processes. UPDATE : From Q1 2013/14, the Cabinet Office now publish this QDS data on the Government Interrogation Spending Tool (GIST) website