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How it works

1 Publish your data

Good news! You've already done this bit (or you're about to). Now let's make your data easier for people to find, use and share.

2 Check it with our questionnaire

Our helpful questions act like a checklist. They explain your options about how to publish good open data and give you clear and recognised targets to aim for.

3 Share it with a certificate

Your answers determine which of our four certificates you generate. Each one means success in a unique way and demonstrates you are a leader in open data.

What does a certificate look like?

It's a badge that links to a description of your open data. The description explores things like how often it's updated, what format it's in, who and where it came from.

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Who are the ODI?

We're the Open Data Institute. We help people unlock supply and demand for open data and share this value with everyone.

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