Certificate badge levels

Badge levels

Each badge identifies a level of achievement in open data publication.

  • BRONZE: data is openly licensed, available with no restrictions, accessible and legally reusable.
  • SILVER: satisfies the Bronze requirements, the data is documented in a machine readable format, reliable and offers ongoing support from the publisher via a dedicated communication channel.
  • GOLD: satisfies the Silver requirements, is published in an open standard machine readable format, has guaranteed regular updates, offers greater support, documentation, and includes a machine readable rights statement.
  • PLATINUM: satisfies the Gold requirements, has machine readable provenance documentation, uses unique identifiers in the data, the publisher has a communications team offering support. This is an exceptional example of an information infrastructure.
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Openly licensed & legally reusable (= ‘open’)
Clear rights statement, detailing any copyrights
Privacy issues addressed
Machine readable rights statement
Accessible on the web
Discoverable (linked to from other web pages)
Data is timestamped or up to date
Data will be available for at least a year
Guaranteed timeliness (data always up to date)
Regular backups of data
Quality issues documented
Data uses a machine readable format
Data published in content appropriate formats
Data uses open standard machine readable formats
Single consistent URL for downloading data
Machine readable provenance documentation
URLs used as identifiers within data
Data is documented
Contact details for people to provide feedback and ask questions
Machine readable metadata (documentation)
Social media accounts used to promote data
Forum or mailing list for users
Dedicated comms team building user community