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We verify publisher best practice, so you can use data with confidence.

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We can auto-draft certificates from data portals, contact us to get started.

What happens next

Get certified

Create new certificate or claim and improve an auto-drafted certificate to receive a badge to display.

Increase trust in your data

Involve your users to gain Community Verified status. Or contact us for ODI data auditing services.

Improve your data

A free best practice report to help you achieve higher badge levels is created for all certificates.


What is an Open Data Certificate?

Each Open Data Certificate uses a questionnaire-style assessment to recognise well-published open data with one of four badges.

Each badge shows that the data has been published in a sustainable and reusable way – with each level indicating the available support and adherence to current best-practices.

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How does each certificate work?

  • It recognises well published open data
  • It provides an independent guarantee of quality
  • It assesses sustainability and reliability of published data
  • It encourages trust and reuse of data
  • It guides publisher through established best practices

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Who is using Open Data Certificates?

Publishers, consumers and technology providers from around the world have adopted Open Data Certificates.
  • Ons
  • Ukdataservice
  • Syngenta
  • Qg-coa

Our collaborators

Open Data Certificates are designed to be universal and interoperable between technology standards, platforms and countries.
  • Standards

    We support the DCAT metadata standard.

  • Technology

    We can automatically pre-fill many of the Open Data Certificate questions if you use CKAN. Get in touch if you’re interested in integration with other portal software.

  • Localisation

    We can localise the certificate to reflect best practice in your jurisdiction. Get in touch to find out how you can help.

Certificates adoption around the world